For every sale now we have to put out an advertisement to promote our upcoming auction, primarily an attractive image and the sale dates. Once the dates are set the rest is entirely up to us, but then it can become quite complicated. How do you rate what is image worthy, is it the pre-sale estimate that dictates being at the front of the line to be photographed, is it art, silver, a big diamond, one item or multiple items, groups shot or single images, vertical or horizontal? Now you can see our dilemma.


This sale we have a pair of interesting Empire style bergères, the carving of the swans on the arm supports are very photogenic, but that then sets the scale of everything else. We wanted to also show the Frank Panabaker coming up in the September sale so that had to be in the picture, how do we now show that, well a nice Georgian-style chest of drawers certainly comes in handy to display it, but we can’t just show a top corner, that just wouldn’t be fair. So the next decision is horizontal or vertical image? It turns out the pieces help decide that and the direction is decidedly vertical this time. Shape and form play a big part in the construction of this photograph, and we enlist the help of a nice baluster vase and a low pine chest. We had always wanted to try and show the pair of busts depicting General Brock and Shawnee Chief Tecumseh by Hamilton Thomas Carlton Plantagenet MacCarthy from 1896, now we had the room to do this. As you can now see the general image has been set and this has now unfortunately caused some of the nice smaller items to be ruled out as they would be too small to be distinguishable. This includes a nice selection of banded agate jewellery and paperweights. Not to worry as our webpage will have images of these smaller items, for close-up viewing.

014But there is still something missing, we had started with a gray backdrop but it keeps peeking through and I keep trying to cover it up. A Persian rug helps with the overall image, as well as a small table top mat. What to do with the backdrop? Thankfully this time we have an Indian teak folding floor screen to act as our backdrop, slowly but surely we are getting to a finished shot.

And the most important reason for doing this is our upcoming sale date, September 13th.